Andorra, nestled in a valley in the picturesque Pyrenees, the tiny principality of Andorra on the border between France and Spain enjoys an excellent quality of life for a fraction of the cost of living in other Western European countries. Andorra is not expensive, good supermarket where you can find the same things that in Paris, Barcelona or London.
Andorra has become not only a favourite holiday spot among its neighbours, but a home for many well-off expatriates. It is one of the safest places in Europe; street crime is virtually unknown here. It has a highly secure and regulated banking system. It is the nation with the highest life expectancy in the world.
Andorra is also almost tax-free, before when we talk about this , we said “tax haven Andorra” except for small taxes to be paid on property ownership and rent, and employees being required to contribute to the national insurance program. There is no income tax, no capital gains, no inheritance tax, and no sales or value-added tax. In the future we are talking about 10% of your incomes if you earn more than 40.000.-€ .
Although not a full member of the European Union, Andorra uses the euro as its currency and enjoys some EU members’ benefits as a member of the EU Customs Union. Tourism drives the country’s economy; 80% of its GDP is generated by this sector. Immobiliària Reig · Avda. Meritxell 106, 1er Pis · AD500 Andorra la Vella · Tel. (+376) 808 380 .



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